Communication Milestones

speechCommunication is comprised of receptive language (the ability to understand language), expressive language (the ability to put sounds and words together), articulation (the ability to enunciate sounds in words), and pragmatics (the ability to follow the social norms of conversation). These skills begin to develop in-utero and continue to build throughout a child’s life.

Scaffolding is the ability to understand where your child’s abilities lie and being able to provide support to bring your child to the next level.  At BK Holistic Healing Network, we know that developmental milestones can be anxiety producing if your child is not where he/she should be at a certain age.  By changing our perspective, and using milestones to represent stepping stones, we can help our children reach their fullest potential.

For a comprehensive listing of speech and language milestones by age, visit The American Speech-Hearing Association (ASHA).