BK Holistic Healing Network consists of certified child development professionals and families with special needs children in Gowanus, Park Slope, and surrounding areas within Brooklyn.


jocelyn headshotJocelyn Wood , M.A.,CCC-SLP, is a bilingual speech pathologist who has been working extensively with underserved families throughout Brooklyn, primarily in the neighborhoods of Gowanus and Park Slope, for nearly a decade.



Devon and RafaDevon Cordova is a mother of a young child with special needs residing in Carroll Gardens. Rafaella is our muse.

Jocelyn and Devon have founded BK Holistic Healing Network, an organization that serves as a sturdy link between the community and professional resources for parents of children with special needs. BK Holistic Healing Network aspires to be a family’s compass as they navigate through the complexity of their child’s care and development.