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The goal of our project is to equip parents and families in the Gowanus and Park Slope neighborhoods of Brooklyn with access to comprehensive, easy-to-understand guidance on best practices for raising a child with special needs. We are determined to continue building upon our existing efforts to create positive spaces in which families can meet, collaborate, and support each other to ensure optimal outcomes for their children with special needs.

Our project will offer free, high-quality training and instruction to parents and guardians on best practices for handling the myriad challenges that come along with raising a young person with a developmental disorder. We operate under the core belief that addressing the needs of a child as a whole leads to better outcomes than approaches that only emphasize one area of development. We also recognize that ancillary components like nutrition, and whole family care and wellness can play an integral role in the success of a child with special needs.

We intend to provide the following types of services for families of children with special needs:
● Training and documentation on local, state, and federal laws related to special education

● Instructions on how to apply for / obtain funding for a child with special needs

● Information on developmental milestones modified for success, not stress

● Expansive modules on the following topics:

o Nutrition
o Integrative Wellness
o Education
o Social / Emotional Development
o Physical Development
o Visual Development
o Language Development
o Alternative Therapies
o Self-Care for Families and Caretakers

Following a parent intake, we will be able to make recommendations to parents regarding the most helpful workshops to attend. Each module will consist of a presentation from a specialist in the field, along with hands-on learning opportunities and role-playing that can be immediately carried over into the home. Additionally, these meetings will provide an opportunity for families and caregivers to meet and support other families and caregivers who have children with special needs. Using this forum will not only provide parents with the most cutting-edge knowledge on raising a child with a developmental disorder, but will also present an opportunity for networking and building relationships in a safe and respectful environment. We understand that raising a child with special needs can be a challenge, and we are prepared to positively support parents to gain control of this daunting task.

For more information, sign up for our mailing list
Sign up for our mailing list

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