BK Holistic Healing Network

Whole Child, Whole Family, Whole-istic

a community of families and practitioners
joining together to help conquer
the difficult task of raising a child with special needs

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We understand that raising a child with complex needs can be a challenge, and we are prepared to positively support parents to gain control of this daunting task.

It’s time to bring your family from “surviving” to “thriving”!

Our goal at BK Holistic Healing Network is to equip parents and families throughout Brooklyn with access to comprehensive, easy-to-understand guidance to best practices for raising a child with diverse developmental, neurological, and medical requirements. We are determined to continue building upon our existing efforts to create positive spaces in which families can meet, collaborate, and support each other to ensure optimal outcomes for their children.

We operate under the core belief that addressing the needs of a child as a whole leads to better outcomes than approaches that only emphasize one area of development.